Hi! My name is Jade. I’m a skilled and experienced editor, producer, stylist and go-getter. Born in Samoa, educated in Sydney, I’m an innovative thinker who thrives on sharing information that makes life better.

Raised in a family of fashion designers and computer geeks, I received a full scholarship to study finance and information systems at the University of New South Wales. I’ve worked at top-tier corporates such as Volvo, UBS and Zurich – and have written for publications like Marie Claire, Sydney Morning Herald, The Sydney Magazine, SHOP, Famous and Women’s Health.

These days my focus is social, where I use my editor’s eye to deliver compelling, ROI-positive content through a diverse range of channels. I measure my performance by asking two questions: a) how evocative is the content I produce? (combining killer copy with exceptional Photoshop) and b) how many clicks and conversions do I drive? (utilising reports and Google analytics).

When it comes to creating amazing content with great people, I’m always interested!

Specialties: global digital strategy, branding, creative direction, social marketing, content management, analytics, content creation (eDM, competitions, blogging), styling, public relations, community building.